Post Surgical Rehabilitation

At our North West Physio and Massage Clinic, we provide special care and treatment to those patients suffering from surgeries. Our physiotherapists follow an individualized recovery plan for such patients. Thus, Post Surgical Rehabilitation is the best treatment procedure that we provide for our post-surgical patients to get a faster recovery.

Post Surgery Physiotherapy At North West Calgary:

There are certain conditions for which you will be suggested to go to post-surgical rehabilitation. Some of the conditions include.

·         Spinal Surgery

·         ACL

·         Ligament Damage

·         Carpal Tunnel Surgery

·         Rotator Cuff Repair

·         Post-Hip, Shoulder, or Knee Replacement

·         Cosmetic Surgery

When you undergo the above surgeries, there will be more chances to get damage to joints and ligaments. Thus to restore mobility and prevent damaged joints or ligaments, we provide the best treatment using post surgery physiotherapies.

After undergoing surgery, the first few months will be difficult for patients to carry out their daily tasks. In such a situation, there is a great chance to get damage to the joints and ligaments without proper care. Thus, to avoid such a condition and to provide recovery to increase your mobility, our therapists create a recovery plan. Even major joint replacement surgery can be treated with our recovery plan.

We will teach you how to move a particular joint of muscle. Generally, unused muscles become tensed and contracted. Thus, to avoid tension over such muscles, our therapists will teach you how to do physical activity. We will teach a recovery procedure that cannot be rushed to avoid worsening your condition.

Thus, our main objective is to focus on certain things like

·         Improving movement

·         Developing your flexibility

·         Reducing pain

·         Increasing the range of mobility

·         Finally making your move again normally

How Post Surgery Physiotherapy Helps You In The Recovery Process?

We actually work one-on-one with you to help you feel much better. Our post-surgery rehab is somewhat similar to the normal physiotherapy session. Initially, we will review your health condition to prescribe a recovery plan. Then, we will review your medical report of surgery to understand what exactly the problem is.

Once we find out the nature of the injury and surgical procedure, we will start the treatment. Also, we will tell you and explain the recovery plan to our patients and make them understand it clearly. So, our post surgery physiotherapy experts will start the treatment after ensuring that the patient understood the procedure.

The overall goal of post surgical physical therapy is to improve physical health and thus, promote your mobility. Our physiotherapist will ask you to perform certain exercises that will activate the damaged muscles of your body. Such exercises will even restore the body condition by circulating and transmitting nutrients to muscles. Furthermore, our therapists will ask you to increase the intensity and repetition of exercises gradually.

We are teaching you to move in such a way that will not affect your injury but stimulate the muscles and joints. Sometimes, we even recommend going with other physiotherapy techniques along with this rehab program. Such treatment procedures are

·         Massage Therapy

·         Acupuncture

Both techniques help activate the nerves to relieve the pain and relax the muscles. Thus, we plan a whole treatment that works best for you. Our team of physiotherapists always works hard to see patients getting back to their original condition.

Why North West Physio and Massage Clinic?

For any form of major surgery, one may require a long time to recover from the condition. But to shorten the recovery period and to avoid getting damage to muscles and ligaments, we are there at North West Physio and Massage Clinic. So, you can simply visit us to get treatment for the betterment of your life. Thus, visiting us will help you to increase your mobility which is restricted due to the surgery.

Since strengthening weaker muscles and returning to daily activities are possible only with this rehab treatment, never hesitate to visit us. It is crucial for you to get rehabilitation after surgery to return to activities of daily life. Therefore, book an appointment and consult our physiotherapists for a better living.

See What Our Customers Say About North-West Physio & Massage: Acupuncture Calgary Northwest

Human rights AdvocateHuman rights Advocate
21:46 29 Jul 22
Deepak is the man knows his stuff only physio I've ever enjoyed having and I've had lots Adam his assistant also great as well Sangeeta MRT they care and try very hard to help and I have very complex pain issuesEric
Dany PellegrinoDany Pellegrino
16:49 09 Jul 22
This is a really great place. I have issues with my lower back and IT band. Sachleen is very caring and non-judgmental. Also I never wait to go in and can get an appointment that fits my schedule.. I highly recommend physiotherapy you will feel better almost immediately.
Lucy TianLucy Tian
22:04 29 Jun 22
Thank Sachleen very much for working on me. She has been so patient, caring and very knowledgeable. She has been helping me speedy recovered. Other staff are very friendly and welcoming.
Manpreet KaurManpreet Kaur
20:37 24 May 22
Great service for Physio and massage. Physiotherapist Deepak is very knowledgeable and professional. I feel so better after my treatment. I highly recommend this place to everyone : )
anuradha thakuranuradha thakur
06:08 28 Apr 22
I went to this clinic for the massage services.My experience with Massage therapist Nada was great..!!!Her expertise and great hands of work makes the clients feel so relaxed.Thanks Team for such a hard work and for working for good of others.
Manpreet ThindManpreet Thind
19:53 02 Apr 22
Great massage and physiotherapy services in the town. I got relief from my back pains in such a quick intervals after visiting so many different places. Really good place to go in Calgary
Taranjit KaurTaranjit Kaur
19:46 02 Apr 22
North west physiotherapy staff was awesome.I had some massage sessions for my back issue and Physiotherapy for by neck.Really awesome experience with valuable and friendly staff.I will recommend this place for others as well.Thanks team for such great services in Calgary.
02:24 02 Apr 22
I’ve been to this place twice, and Nada is my massage therapist. She’s very skilled in her profession. I really like that she does deep tissue massage on my buttocks like I always request since this has been a chronic problem of mine. So far, I am happy with her, and I hope she can continue to help me with my issue. Thanks Nada!
Shweta VarunShweta Varun
01:03 25 Mar 22
Clean, and quick service. You get your appointment very quick even if it's for your first time booking. Front admin staff is quick and friendly. Sachleen is really awesome and friendly. I have been going for one week now already see the difference in my pain. Thank you so much for the awesome service
Barb FunkBarb Funk
19:28 09 Feb 22
Excellent service, being treated from a car accident. Deepak (physiotherapy), Nada (massage therapist) and An, (pressure/acupuncture) have all been excellent, kind and caring. All have been very good and instrumental in my road to recovery.Front desk staff is also very polite and efficient. Would definitely recommend.??

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