Sangeeta Gupta-B.A.M.S, R.M.T

Sangeeta completed her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery in India. She practiced as a physician for many years using herbal medicines, panchkarma therapies, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is using the same holistic approach in massage treatments. Sangeeta practices various modalities like cupping and hot stone and her skills include Swedish relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, myofascial release and prenatal massage.

Continuing her education, Sangeeta has successfully completed the certification of Shockwave Therapy, Kinetic Massage for neck, shoulder and hip joints that incorporates joint movements along with various massage strokes. She is also trained in Rapid Upper Body and Lymphatic Drainage. This helps to attain better range of motion and to reduce muscle tension. Your treatment sessions would be planned according to your needs.