Deepak Guleria P.T. Registered Physiotherapist


Deepak is a registered physiotherapist graduated (BPT) from HNB Garhwal university, India in 2007. He also later went on to complete his master’s degree in physiotherapy (MPT) with specialization in musculo-skeletal in 2010 from LPU, India. Before immigrating to Canada in 2014, Deepak practiced the profession as Senior Clinical Physiotherapist for more than five years in India with Ex Physio of Indian Cricket Team. He has expertise in treating the MVA’s, WCB Clients, Back pains, Shoulder injuries, Sports injuries, Temporo-mandibular (TMJ) dysfunctions, Vestibular issues, Concussion related rehabilitation, Chronic pain etc.
Deepak believes in hands-on approach to treatment and expertise in framing the right combination of manual therapy and specific exercises that will help his patients reaching their fullest potential. In clinical practice, he provides individualized one-on-one treatment and develops exercise programs geared for patient’s health needs and goals. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his family, listening to music, watching cricket and have some outdoor fun on the weekends.