Atul-Registered massage therapist

I am a Registered massage therapist and have been practising massage therapy since graduating from 2200 hours programme at highly reputed Makami College, Calgary in November 2022. I am very passionate about using massage and manual (traditional) therapy techniques to help patients/clients recover faster and reach to their peak performance.

I am born and brought up in India and a commerce university graduate. I was very good with
sports too. I played volleyball, table tennis, badminton, soccer but cricket is my passion. I represented my school, college, university, and company in the game of cricket. I worked with diplomatic missions, Immigration and MNC at the highest levels before moving to Canada in 2013.
I am very grateful to those academic/sports years which taught me wonderful skills like self discipline, teamwork, adaptation, handling fear and failures, resilience, equality, perseverance and above all taking care of health. The personal sports history and injuries induces the passion for massage therapy in me.

Currently, I am working with Northwest Physio and Massage clinic and enjoy working with variety of clients. I specialize in various massage modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot stone, Trigger points, ANT (advanced neuromuscular Tech), Myofascial release and cupping, Joint Play, Assisted stretching, various conditions (ortho, neuro, chronic), Lymphatic drainage.